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Communication strategy for a volunteer association

About 100 Christian volunteer organizations in Ukraine have united into a single network. The goal is to coordinate efforts to aid the Armed Forces, displaced persons, and civilians in the frontline territories. At the same time, the newly created Association needed to form a public communications strategy.

At the first stage of cooperation, the MAINSTREAM team conducted a Strategic Check-up, which helped identify communication barriers and outline opportunities. The team conducted information field research, segmented stakeholder groups by level of influence, and formed a strategic framework: implementation approaches and performance system (KPIs).

The next stage was the development of a tactical plan for the implementation of the strategy. The MAINSTREAM team conducted a series of creative brainstorms. Based on the results of the discussions, we proposed a creative platform and key messages to the Association. MAINSTREAM experts selected PR tools and promotion channels, detailed content topics, and developed a step-by-step strategy implementation plan for the next year and a half.

“We use a step-by-step approach in forming a communication strategy. All proposed solutions are logically divided into sprints and have corresponding KPIs. This makes it possible to adhere to strategic guidelines and, at the same time, leaves the possibility to adjust the tactical plan at the stage of its implementation, considering the current context. When forming a strategy, we apply innovative methods and lay the foundation for effective communications. This allows you to remain flexible to changes in the environment or within the organization,” sums up Olena Tsykaliuk, senior manager of MAINSTREAM strategic communications.