Strategic Check-UP is a proprietary MAINSTREAM methodology for creating a flexible communications management system for all conditions of your business. With the help of the strategic planning tool “PR Strategy Card”, we will audit your communications and evaluate their potential in solving current business problems or overcoming the crisis.
Strategic Check-UP
What tasks Strategic Check-UP can help resolve?
  • To tell consumers, partners, or employees about the changes.
  • To adapt methods to promote a product or service to attract the audience.
  • To plan the launch of a new product or service.
  • To prepare the company to enter or exit the markets.
  • To reposition the company, product, or service.
  • Strategic Check-UP enables you to achieve the first results after only three months of systematic work.
Cooperation algorithm
  1. Introductory session: we discuss up to two business tasks for three months.
  2. Research: MAINSTREAM team conducts PR audit.
  3. Revise Point: we fix communication objectives and stakeholder groups.
  4. Preparation of a PR Strategy Card.


As a result, you get:
  • Elaborated communication goals.
  • The PR Strategy Card – a document that systematizes communications for any business tasks.
  • Defined communication tools.
  • Forecast by KPIs for three months.
  • Optimized costs and resources for the implementation of PR activities.
  • Instruction for implementing.

A flexible communications system ensures you are ready to respond promptly to changes in the business environment and in the company itself. Get a free consultation on Strategic Check-UP from MAINSTREAM experts. Apply below.

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