Creative concept is a ready-to-implement communication solution that allows you to achieve short-term business goals in an unusual way. It is based on a unique idea that becomes a communication platform with a step-by-step action plan.
Creative Concept
What business tasks can be solved by a Creative Concept?
  • Launching a new product or service in an existing market
  • Attracting the attention of the audience to a brand or company through a change in positioning or rebranding
  • Informing about any organizational changes
  • The company’s entry into new markets (including geographical ones)
  • Retention or expansion of the audience
  • Optimization of expenses for communication activities
Elements of a Creative Concept
  • Analytical overview
  • Definition of communication goals and groups of stakeholders
  • Development of a creative idea, platform and attributes of communication
  • Creation of a step-by-step plan: mechanics, topics, tools and channels
  • Distribution of work into stages with achievable and specific results
  • Defining KPIs
  • Calculation of the preliminary budget for concept implementation
Your result
  • A creative idea to resolve a business task
  • Communication platform and key messages
  • Ready-to-implement project mechanics
  • Topics created and target media selected
  • A clear timeline for the implementation of the concept for up to three months
  • Calculation of the preliminary costs for concept implementation

Creative Concept combines the benefits of creative and systematic approaches. The tool allows you to solve problems based on business logic and best communication practices.

Non-standard communication solutions are an effective way to attract the audience's attention.

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