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How Ukrainian Manufacturing Achieves the UN Sustainable Development Goals
Daria Dobrunova
Daria Dobrunova
Deputy Head of the Department of Strategic Communications
“Business is profit-oriented, but its activities today are about engaging with people: employees, partners, investors, shareholders and the local community. We are convinced that adhering to the goals of the United Nations in the form of a CSR strategy is part of the companies that are already creating our future today,”
Sustainable Development Goals in Ukrainian Manufacturing

In Ukraine, the strategic approach to CSR is more often practiced at the discretion of individual businesses. At the same time, surveys show that consumers among Y and Z choose companies whose activities correspond with these generations' values.

The focus of CSR projects on achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals has become a trend. They focus, for example, on eradicating poverty, preserving the planet's resources and ensuring the well-being of the population.

International companies with CSR as part of their business strategy focus on ensuring that each branch meets global standards. One Ukrainian manufacturing company also takes a careful approach to its social responsibilities.

Our task in the project was to cover the initiatives of the Ukrainian division of the company in the area of reducing the impact on the environment, compliance with ethics in relation to personnel and implementation of other principles of sustainable development.

We focused on the general public – residents of large Ukrainian cities and those who care about environmental issues. The media, representatives of the public sector, businesses and employees of the company are the project's stakeholders.

For example, in the special project "Factory 360", we used the format of photo excursions to show how innovations are implemented in manufacturing and how employees relate to the company's efforts. And from a series of radio programs, listeners learned about environmental issues and how sustainable business development helps solve them. In other media materials, we described why business invests in the environment, ethics and gender equality and what results it achieves.

As a result of the project, we had 40 publications and reached over 560,000 people.