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  • Strategic check-up for a charitable foundation
Strategic check-up for a charitable foundation

A client approached our agency to evaluate the PR activities of the organisation. For eight months, the PR team of the SAVE UKRAINE charitable foundation communicated with audiences in the media, social networks and at events. Quantitative results were achieved, but the feeling remained that the potential of communications is not being used to the fullest. We suggested a strategic check-up.

We used the PR Strategy Card - an exclusive MAINSTREAM tool to solve the problems. The agency's experts have built relationships between the organisation’s goals and the necessary resources to build trusting communication with stakeholders. We have clarified the logic of achieving business objectives through communication actions, strategies and tools. The client also received a performance forecast. It became clear why a website is needed, what benefits a Facebook page or a Telegram channel bring, and how the material in the media gets the client closer to the goal. As a result, the foundation reviewed the team structure, set clear PR goals and updated communication plans.