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Red Folder: How to Prepare a Company for a Crisis

Administrative pressure on business, unexpected inspections or visits of the controlling authorities and other similar situations often find companies unprepared and cause a lot of problems. For our client from the building materials industry and development, the MAINSTREAM team has developed a unique tool that allows proactive and promptly responding to various crisis scenarios.

The Red Folder is a detailed plan of actions, answers and behavior in an unpredictable emergency. It helps businesses stay prepared for handling crisis. The Red Folder consists of three components and contains instructions on how to prepare for crisis events, a guide on how to respond during a crisis, and a mechanism for post-crisis action.

The first component deals with the main types of crises in the client's business segment and the company itself. It contains a crisis intensity assessment sheet, as well as a message planning sheet depending on the level of crisis and target audiences.

The second component contains information about the most common manifestations of crisis events, such as searches, tax audits, rallies, etc. It also includes instructions on preparing for a crisis, behaving during this period, and basic recommendations for information support during a crisis. The third component is a Q&A on the problems that may already trigger the start of a crisis. 

"Sooner or later, every company faces a crisis. The key task for every business is to be prepared for it in advance, respond proactively, act according to a well-established roadmap, conduct post-crisis analysis and work on mistakes," said Ruslana Rakhalska, Senior Strategic Communications Manager at MAINSTREAM.

The next stage will be the integration of the Red Folder into the company's business processes. For example, every employee will be prepared for searches, know how to behave correctly, stay in the legal field in case of unauthorized work by authorities, and protect themselves and the interests of the company. Implementation of the Red Folder includes checking the company's compliance with the specified security criteria and conducting crisis response training.