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Developing creative concepts for the USA and Canada

Fundraising for a charity foundation requires careful preparation, especially in the US and Canada, and when it comes to the needs of Ukrainian children in 2022. Due to the increase in charitable offices and their activity, it is difficult for an organisation new to these areas to break into the information field. Moreover, Americans and Canadians demand quality communication and are reluctant to trust those who ask for money.

It is not the first time MAINSTREAM has faced such a challenge. For our client, the SAVE UKRAINE charitable foundation, we proposed a solution: to develop creative ideas that would explain the product concept to audiences through a series of information campaigns.

First of all, the agency team studied the mentality of North Americans. Both research and live communication helped us in this. We discovered the audience's attitude and motives for supporting Ukraine. It turned out that regardless of the continent, people are united by parental feelings towards children, the desire for the triumph of justice and the victory of good over evil.

We also helped the client to rethink their product, choose a name, and determine functional and conceptual value. This is how LifePack for Children came to be — a backpack that provides physical and emotional comfort to a child during the evacuation from dangerous areas. In addition, we decided on the fundamental idea of the product and proposed two information campaigns.

The idea of the first campaign was developed considering the holidays and is relevant for collecting donations during the New Year and Christmas. With the help of digital tools, we talk about the problem that the foundation solves and motivate the audience to join the fundraising.

The idea of the second information campaign focuses on building knowledge and reveals the product with the help of storytelling — real children's stories. We added media support to digital tools in the form of publications, special projects in mass media, and cooperation with opinion leaders. The campaign’s central idea was the image of the future heroes that the saved Ukrainian children would become — outstanding doctors, teachers, inventors and defenders.

As a result of the work of the MAINSTREAM team, the client received a ready-made action plan and a system that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of implemented communication. You can support future Ukrainian heroes on the page of the SAVE UKRAINE foundation.