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Phygital Event Is Our Response to Quarantine

It was hardly a secret that holding an event for 200 people during quarantine was almost unrealistic, and sometimes even illegal. And while digital activities have their advantages, they are still no substitute for human communication. And they do not promote teambuilding in particular. But we had a team of a large agricultural holding looking forward to its annual teambuilding anyway.

Our event department had figured out a way and, together with the company's internal team, developed a new format of the event using the phygital concept (combination of physical and digital). We tried to integrate all technologies and possibilities available to us. And here is the result.

On the eve of the online event, each of the 200 participants received a mysterious case by mail. It could have been opened only at a scheduled time. We knew the participants would be curious, so we closed the suitcase with the coded lock.

Cases for phygital event

All participants gathered in a Zoom conference at the scheduled time, and after the official briefing, they all were redirected to their designated rooms. There the guests met their teams and figured out how to play. Already in the course of the game, participants began to notice the differences in cases. Each person had a different case. In this game, the guests had to conquer the space and put plants on the chosen planet. Only through the interaction of the whole team, the participants managed to complete all the tasks. Each of them solved their task and brought the team closer to the final.

The organic mix of Internet technologies and physical quest helped us create a unique teambuilding format that meets our client's needs and gives new feelings to the players.