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  • Creation of a communication strategy for Credit Kasa
Nataliya Zhylinkova
Nataliya Zhylinkova
Senior Strategic Communications Manager of MAINSTREAM
“Credit Kasa is a client that uses a fundamental approach to their communication. The company clearly understands the goals of strategic work towards the formation of public knowledge about itself. We relate to this work principle. It is important to identify, listen and respond promptly to market changes that may or are already affecting the company”
Creation of a communication strategy for Credit Kasa

Credit Kasa is one of the largest Ukrainian companies in the non-bank financial services segment. Millions of Ukrainians use Credit Kasa services. Nevertheless, persistent mistrust and negative perception have been formed towards the non-bank lending sector itself. Credit Kasa is built on legal and ethical principles, but the reputation of the segment as a whole affects the company’s ability to communicate its position to stakeholders.

MAINSTREAM’s task was to build knowledge about the company, build public expertise and establish a dialogue with key target groups: representatives of regulatory authorities, the business community and the media.

The main communication goal of Credit Kasa is to convey the value of the non-bank lending market for the Ukrainian economy and form a public profile of the company’s expertise. This will allow us to take a more active part in the transformation and regulation of the market.

The first step in determining the communication direction was the conduct of a reputation audit. Its results allowed identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the company’s current positions in the public field, its relationships with stakeholders and the desired perception.

The next stage of cooperation was the development of a communication strategy. As part of its preparation, the MAINSTREAM team held strategic sessions with the client. This approach made it possible to identify important insights and get acquainted in more detail with the company’s expertise. The results of the sessions and the findings of the reputation audit became the basis for the communication strategy.

Next, the team will implement the proposed communication strategy and achieve its stated objectives.