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One day in gas production: let’s talk about professions

Every year Ukraine celebrates a holiday on the second Sunday of September – the Day of Oil, Gas and Oil Refining Industry Workers. Ukrgasvydobuvannya and MAINSTREAM decided to resort to an unusual approach to congratulating employees by acquainting millions of Ukrainians with the industry’s professions that provide the whole country with gas and heat.

The MAINSTREAM team offered to do so by “immersing in a new experience” and shooting a video for the “Breakfast with 1+1” morning show. The TV channel’s journalist Natalia Shchuka became an assistant driller for one day at one of Ukrgasvydobuvannya coil tubing stations. In one day, she shows the audience all the profession’s nuances and the behind-the-scenes work. And then she tries herself in a new role. In 2020, our hero was Serhii Siromashenko, assistant driller, who gave Natalia a tour of his workplace and showed what challenges he faces every day.


The client loved the idea and its implementation by MAINSTREAM so much that in 2021 they decided to expand the list of professions and shoot a series of three videos.


  • The second video is about petrophysics. These specialists know everything about rocks’ mineral and physical properties, predict minerals’ presence and interpret seismic data. Ivan Terepenchuk, a petrophysicist of Ukrgasvydobuvannya, showed how 3D models of gas occurrence maps are created, how to find and raise it to the surface when it occurs at a depth of more than 1 km.


  • The third video is about gas and oil production operators. Vladyslav Shabatura, Ukrgasvydobuvannya specialist, explained how he is responsible for each well and its performance, monitors the passage of gas from the field to the gas pipeline, and what measures he takes to keep the wells operational as long as possible.


As a result of the campaign, we had over 2 million unique views on the channel and 1.5 million views on Facebook and YouTube. The client noted that a series of videos about professions increased interest in Ukrgasvydobuvannya vacancies and improved the company’s image.

In 2022, the project will get a new development. Three new directions are planned to launch.

  1. Popular science: stories about the manufacturability of gas production
  2. People of Naftogaz: about professionals who make the country better every day.
  3. Gas adventures: show gas production facilities on the map of Ukraine.