Communication strategy for MHM

MAESTRO Hotel Management is a hotel business management company. Its portfolio includes the best hotels and restaurants in Odesa: M1 Hotel, Alexandrovsky, Villa le Premier and others.

The team of the young MHM brand needed to create a strategy to expand its presence in the Ukrainian market, differ from competitors and build a system for regular communication that will accelerate the achievement of business goals.

The MAINSTREAM team decided to develop a communication strategy. Our approach consisted of three stages: analytics, strategy, and creativity.

The first stage involved an analysis of the market context and information field. In the second, we expanded the understanding of stakeholder groups, developed company positioning, brand promise, Tone of Voice, and other necessary tools to build an integral business reputation.

In the third stage, based on a series of brainstorms, the agency team presented two creative concepts, selected PR tools and promotion channels. An important part was the presentation of unique projects, including the implementation mechanics.

“When working on a project, we strive to achieve synergy between the client’s team and the agency. We conduct a series of strategic sessions to understand the business better. We believe that this approach is beneficial because it allows you to delve into the company and develop creative solutions for business tasks. It also allows the client to see themselves in a new way,” Karima Andreeva, MAINSTREAM’s Strategic Communications Manager, said.

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