EU TALENT. Space: United in talent!

It is a great challenge to discover your talent, especially if you are an average Ukrainian kid who has next to no options available.

To address the issue, ‘EU Delegation to Ukraine’, together with the MAINSTREAM agency, launched a project that would discover the creative side of children and enrich them with the EU values and culture.

When creating the project concept, we plunged into studying the target audience. It was essential to understand the interests and needs of Generation Z. Using storytelling, high-quality visuals, and gamification, we took children to another world – the talent planet of EU TALENT.Space.


The MAINSTREAM team has designed and created from scratch a platform that provides free video lessons and tasks for children in four creative areas: music, dancing, drawing, and cooking. Since Gen Z prefers to communicate through a smartphone, one of the critical factors was to design a mobile version.

To motivate children to join the project, we launched a competition at the platform’s launch. Participants had to watch training videos in the chosen direction and complete the task from the influencer. Upon finishing the task, one had to upload it to social networks using the project hashtag. The best participants won prizes from the EU Delegation to Ukraine.


In addition to the creative tasks, children could take a Euroquiz to test their knowledge of European countries and win gifts. We developed a styled colouring book especially for the project as one of the prizes. It included illustrations of the EU countries and exciting facts about each. And besides, they could learn from partners, Creative Europe and House of Europe, about festivals, books and opportunities that the EU creates for young Ukrainians.


To promote EU TALENT.Space, we launched a campaign using media, advertising and promotion through social networks and opinion leaders. As a result, we achieved our goals within three weeks. Over 6,300 unique users have visited the platform. Around 400 children all over Ukraine signed up to participate in the competition, and 47 became the best in their areas. About 400 children participated in the Euroquiz, and 34 children were rewarded as the winners. We received 31 publications, 8 mentions from bloggers and released one special project in the press. The coverage of the platform was about 600,000 people.

EU TALENT.Space provided an excellent opportunity for any child in Ukraine irrespective of social status, geography, or previous experience to try various creative crafts and discover their inner inclinations. Our big victory is that the project lives on after the official competition part is over. Even without additional promotion, the project is in demand among the audience and is autonomous, shaping the image of the EU Delegation to Ukraine among zoomers.

To find out more about the project, watch our video.

The EU TALENT.Space project was shortlisted by the SABRE Awards in the Non-Corporate | Government Agencies category and received the Certificate of Excellence award in the Brand Content & Creativity | Best in Digital Brand Platforms category.