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MAINSTREAM integrated client’s brand into surfing expedition to Norway
Evgeniya Golovina
Evgeniya Golovina
project manager, senior PR-strategist
'Philosophy of brand Grant’s is Stand Together. This whisky is created for strong companies and adventurers. They stand together in any situation — rejoicing over victories or surmounting difficulties. Once we heard about Surfin’ua expedition to Norway, we understood it was an adventure in the spirit of Grant’s. After all, it is difficult to succeed on your own.'
Expedition to Norway

On March 11-25, founder of Surfin’ua (community of surf-enthusiasts and organisers of surfing trips all over the world) Serafim Romanov and TV presenter Oleksandr Pedan went on the expedition to Norway. Travellers wanted to surf in the Lofoten Islands, to see the northern lights, and to enjoy the arctic air.

Within 16 days of the trip, waves were conquered and the northern lights were photographed. Trip participants visited even polar village Unstad, the mecca for surfers from all over the world, with a total population of 19 persons. While the expedition partner — Grant’s blended Scotch — helped them to heat themselves and relax.



Grant’s blended Scotch bears the name of William Grant, the founder of the family-run company. There were many difficulties on the way of its development for over 126 years. During prohibition most distillery owners shut their doors, but not William Grant. He went against the grain and actually increased production. Guess he knew the world wouldn’t be able to resist great whisky forever. And he was right, since five generations later, the company is still family owned. And the brand’s motto — Stand Together — reflects its history in full.