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MAINSTREAM agency implements ‘Freedom to move. Freedom to create’ project for Volvo brand of Winner Imports Ukraine
Daria Dobrunova
Daria Dobrunova
Project Leader, MAINSTREAM Strategic Communications Senior Manager
“Unofficial brand ambassador telling the story of the brand is the primary goal of the project. His lifestyle corresponds to the image of the brand. Common values that Volvo and Yevhen Khmara share and the content created in the course of ‘Freedom to move. Freedom to create’ project make the audience fall in love with stories about movement and art.”
‘Freedom to move. Freedom to create’ project for Volvo

‘Freedom to move. Freedom to create’ project is a series of Instagram stories posted by pianist Yevhen Khmara. During a year a number of short videos with him are going to be published. In them, he will talk about his creative work, family values, and what is essential for him when choosing a car are going to be published during one year. The stories just like the main hero of the project reflect the philosophy of Swedish brand Volvo, the global leader of car safety.

The project consists of two blocks: freedom to move (stories about the safety and advantages of Volvo vehicles) and freedom to create (stories about art and sources of inspiration). The comprehensive strategy also includes special projects for online media, live streams, and news hooks. The digital audience of the new generation of Volvo customers is our primary audience. The MAINSTREAM team writes scenarios for Instagram stories, develops concepts of special projects, and implements all activities.

Winner Imports Ukraine
Winner Imports Ukraine

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