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  • We have processed 9,710 publications in 6 months
How to monitor approximately 10,000 publications in mass media for one client in 6 months and stay sane? MAINSTREAM daily reads, analyzes, estimates news tonality. And not only for Ukrnafta. It’s the main activity one of our departments does.
Oleksandr Pashchenko
Oleksandr Pashchenko
Head of Monitoring and Analytics Department of MAINSTREAM
“On the basis of information received from press-clippings and content-analysis, we compare data, analyze differences, and sum up the results every month. In such a way, we monitor the dynamics of media space all year round. It allows us and Ukrnafta top management to keep their finger on the pulse and receive all information necessary for well-timed decision-making.”
We have processed 9,710 publications in 6 months

Sometimes it is difficult to look at the whole scale of work in everyday routine, especially when you have been working with the client since 2015. So now it’s time to stop and look at the results of the work we’ve performed for the leader of the Ukrainian oil market during last six months.

In January-June 2019, our specialists from the Department of Monitoring and Analytics has processed a large amount of news. We understand that ‘large amount’ is a rather vague result, so below you will find statistical data for the last six months:

  • 9,710 mass media publications processed;
  • 6,642 news with Ukrnafta mentioning selected and analyzed with regard to the context and emotional tonality, which means that all publications were divided into ‘positive’, ‘negative’, and ‘neutral’ categories;
  • 124 daily press-clippings (daily news digests) and daily summary reports (reviews of main daily news);
  • 6 content-analysis prepared every month.

We have developed the communication strategy for one year, which is being implemented by Ukrnafta Communications Department. We have also trained top managers on how to manage the publicity and many other skills, which we are not allowed to disclose.

P.S. And how to stay sane while processing such an amount of information? It’s all about the team of our Monitoring Department. Its employees’ field of expertise is monitoring and analytics. And they love their job a lot.


is the largest oil company in Ukraine. The company’s share in the nation’s oil and gas condensate production in 2018 was 63,6%, while the share in total gas production is 5,5%.