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‘Publicity Strategy: Risks And Prospects’ Training We organized the training for PR specialists and press office representatives
Honored journalist of Ukraine, TV presenter, senior lecturer and art director of the program for announcers, author and leader of trainings on personal effectiveness development
‘You should prepare for work with journalists thoroughly and in advance: you need to convey the main message in 20 seconds only. If you need more time ‑ this is a problem that must be solved’
Pavlo Bogdan Training

On November 04, MAINSTREAM organized and carried out ‘Publicity Strategy: Risks and Prospects’ training.

Participants of the event were PR specialists and press office representatives.

Honored journalists of Ukraine Pavlo Bogdan told about the barriers to publicity and how to overcome them; when you need to communicate with the press; as well as how to convey the main issues in 20 seconds and successfully answer ‘inconvenient’ questions.

Mykola Bogdan, deputy director of the promotion department at STB TV-channel, shared the secrets of the successful dialogue with the press, while Anna Bogdan, style and visage specialist, proposed the necessary components of a public figure appearance.

The training also analyzed the cases of interaction between public figures and journalists as well as the biggest ‘bloopers’ made in speeches and interviews.