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  • Terrasoft: strengthening the employer brand for the R&D
Terrasoft: strengthening the employer brand for the R&D

A strong Employer Brand gives the company value in the eyes of potential and current employees. Therefore, it is necessary for business development and financial stability. According to a LinkedIn report (Global Recruiting Trends 2017), 80% of companies noted the influence of Employer Brand on their ability to attract candidates.

For Terrasoft, working on the employer brand is a permanent part of the business strategy. The company asked MAINSTREAM to do an employer brand external communication project. Goal: to attract qualified candidates for the R&D centre, where more than 20 teams develop and improve the low-code platform and the Creatio product line.

The agency was challenged to increase interest in the company as an employer, ensure regular contact of potential candidates with the brand, and convey the values of the company and the benefits of working in it to the target audience. As a solution, the MAINSTREAM team offered a special project, “Who are you on the R&D planet”, and expert columns from Terrasoft employees.


A special project in an online test format helps the audience understand which direction in R&D is most suitable for the candidate. The design reflects the R&D positions structure in the form of continents, where each "island" represents a separate direction in IT.

After passing the test, the potential employee understands their inclinations and the possible professional development path within Terrasoft more clearly. Apart from a separate landing page on AIN.UA, we strengthened the special project with a promotional campaign on social networks and an email newsletter. The total audience coverage was about 40 thousand users. About 1500 people took the test.

For expert columns, we have chosen topics relevant to the market:
1. Remote work in IT and the career ladder – how to prove your effectiveness and get a promotion?
2. Satellite professions: who are IT companies looking for and hiring, except for programmers?

Terrasoft speakers talked about how to continue building a career and conveying your value to management in a remote work environment. And what professions are in demand in the IT sector of Ukraine, except for technical specialities, and what opportunities are open to candidates.