An integrated communication system for long-term results. A comprehensive PR strategy is a plan for interacting with stakeholders and managing your company’s reputation as capital.
PR Strategy Development
Key components of the strategy

Block 1. Data Analytics

The team analyses the media field, communication channels, context, key competitors and other parameters using business tools and system modelling approaches. Assessment and prioritisation of stakeholder groups.


Block 2. Planning

The team fixes communication goals, develops strategies and tactics for interacting with the target audience, selects tools and promotion channels, and determines performance evaluation indicators (KPIs).


Block 3. Creative experts

The team develops a concept in the form of unique integrated projects, forms key messages, audience interaction mechanics and implementation timeline.

Collaboration Algorithm

The strategy is focused on achieving PR goals of three levels: work with knowledge, image,  trust and the desired behaviour of the audience. The strategy's marketing, communication and creative aspects allow you to follow the proposed vector for 3-5 years.

MAINSTREAM’s experts have created their own methodology based on international practices and over 20 years of experience in cooperating with companies from various economic sectors.

We hold strategic sessions with the client to dive into the company's business context and offer working communication solutions:

  1. Briefing Session: immersing in the company’s context and discussing communication goals.
  2. Stakeholders Session: identifying key groups and the degree of their influence.
  3. Presentation of a strategy to the client and receiving feedback.
You will get
  • A systematic approach to reputation management
  • A detailed one-year plan for implementing communication solutions
  • Individual system of KPIs
  • Optimisation of resources and costs spent on PR activities
  • An integral communication picture for the long-term growth of your business


We develop smart solutions in partnership with the client. Get free advice from MAINSTREAM’s experts on communication options for your business growth.

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