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Pavlo Bogdan explained how to combine public speaking skills, moral principles, and journalism An intensive training on public speaking from business coach Pavlo Bogdan was carried out as a part of the PRESSZVANIE contest.
Pavlo Bogdan
Pavlo Bogdan
Honored journalist of Ukraine, TV presenter, senior lecturer and art director of the program for announcers, and author and leader of trainings on personal effectiveness development.
'The fear of public speaking is normal. If you no longer feel the nervous trembling before the performances, then your career as a top liner is over.'
Training on public speaking

As a part of the PRESSZVANIE contest, business coach Pavlo Bogdan held an intensive training on public speaking skills. Pavlo provided participants with practical tools to overcome internal barriers, build confidence, and create new skills in eloquence.

'It is important both what you say and how you say it—this is the main idea of the training. We often look with envy at how convincingly and simply US politicians speak. This is because they value rhetoric, learn it, and use it. While in the post-Soviet area, people still think in the same old way that of importance is only what you say and not how you put it. This is the reason why good ideas often lose to the bad ones. There are lots of smart people who cannot convince anyone because they cannot speak in a good, beautiful, and truthful manner. They all should get down to the rhetoric,” commented a training participant, Andriy Yukhymenko, editor of website Business NV and co-founder of the 'Persha Shpalta' TV program.

'Development of social networks, live streams, and other digital communication formats make everyone foster their soft skills—how to speak, how to write in order to be heard in the huge torrents of information. Therefore, any training in this direction is aligned with the times. In this respect, PRESSZVANIE always responds very accurately to modern needs, offering the necessary educational programs and fresh formats of professional communication,' commented Yuliya Shylina, interim Communications Director at DTEK.


is the indicator of leadership and professionalism in journalism. Annually, this contest awards the best business and sociopolitical journalists of Ukraine. The particular feature of the contest is open evaluation on the contest website.