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  • HEROCAR: PR-support of the event from a non-profit organization
HEROCAR: PR-support of the event from a non-profit organization

“Guardians of the Sky” is a joint project of the AFU and the HEROCAR charity organization, which provides the military with off-road vehicles. Weapons capable of shooting down kamikaze drones are mounted in the bodies of HEROCAR pickups.

The “Guardians of the Sky” project aims to acquire, repair and provide 120 cargo pickups for the needs of mobile air defense fire groups. The agency faced the task of telling about the project’s launch within the framework of the transfer of the first batch of cars and forming knowledge about HEROCAR’s course of action.

The MAINSTREAM team created a media list relevant to the project and prepared the necessary PR materials as part of media planning. Afterward, we distributed informational materials, pitched film crews, and coordinated media representatives regarding activities at the event.

The event resulted in 44 mass media publications and three national television stories, corresponding to 150,000 UAH advertising equivalent. Taking into account the media's interest and the received coverage, we can conclude that this media activity helped form basic knowledge about the project among the target audience and became the basis for further independent communication of the organization.