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MAINSTREAM PROVIDED MEDIA SUPPORT TO PROJECT Grant's Global Brand Ambassador In August, Grant’s blended Scotch whisky announced the competition to fill the vacancy of a new global ambassador who would go on a round-the-world trip in 2018.
Grant's Global Brand Ambassador

Applications for participation in the competition were accepted from August 1–31. At the first stage, the candidate had to work out a cocktail recipe from three ingredients for friends he/she had not yet met. The mandatory ingredient was Grant’s whisky, and every ingredient had to say something about the participant’s personality. All willing were able to file the application on the website or post a photo on social media with the hashtag, #GrantsInterview.

At the second stage, out of 2,500 selected candidates, twenty lucky contestants went to Scotland for a special training. And the three best, armed with a suitcase of whisky, would try on the role of the brand ambassador, having traveled around three countries, from Poland to Taiwan, in ten days! The winner would get the job and the paid round-the-world trip in 2018—it would be an allusion to the adventures of Charles Grant Gordon (the son-in-law of the distillery founder, William Grant), who made the trip in 1909.

As a part of global communication, we organized a digital campaign to support the first stage of the project in Ukraine. The campaign included the project’s promotion in the mass media (media relations), the creation of special materials in lifestyle media, and the digital campaign to support the project on social networks Facebook and Instagram (contextual advertising and promo publications).


Grant’s blended Scotch whisky bears the name of William Grant, the founder of the family-run company. There were many difficulties along the way of its development over 126 years. During prohibition, most distillery owners shut their doors—but not William Grant. He went against the grain and actually increased production. Guess he knew the world wouldn’t be able to resist great whisky forever. And he was right: five generations later, the company is still family owned. And the brand’s motto—“Stand Together”—reflects its history in full.