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MAINSTREAM and Biocodex signed a cooperation agreement
Galina Yatsura
Galina Yatsura
International Communications Director
“This is not the first medical project for MAINSTREAM - our team has previously successfully worked on the topic of virology, among others, so we have the necessary expertise to carry out projects in the field of health care”.
A roundtable discussion for Biocodex

In October 2019, MAINSTREAM PR agency signed a cooperation agreement with the French pharmaceutical company Biocodex to provide PR and Event services. The first project in the framework of the cooperation will be a roundtable discussion on "Resistance to antibiotics and the human microbiome: what will happen if bacterial infections become incurable". The purpose of the event is to attract the attention of both doctors and patients to the global problem of resistance to antibiotics and call for concrete actions to prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

The round table will be held as part of the II International Congress "Rational Use of Antibiotics in the Modern World "Antibiotics resistance stop!” At the roundtable, experts from Ukraine and France will discuss the causes and consequences of uncontrolled use of antibiotics among adults and children, their impact on human microbiomes, as well as provide advice on the proper use of medicines.


is an independent multinational pharmaceutical company with more than 60 years of experience in drug development, built on high-standards science and manufacturing. The company’s initial focus was gastroenterology. Biocodex is headquartered in France and has representative offices in Belgium, Morocco, Russia, Belarus, Turkey, USA, Mexico, Canada and, more recently, in Ukraine.