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Europe Day in Ukraine! Even during the war

Every year Ukraine celebrates Europe Day on the third Saturday of May. This year, the Verkhovna Rada registered a draft law proposing to celebrate it on May 9, just like the EU countries do.

MAINSTREAM was challenged to organise such online activities for Europe Day that would be appropriate given the circumstances and comply with the mission of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

The project was divided into two areas: informational and cultural. As part of the first, we developed a creative post that answers the question "Why May 9?". It was important to debunk the post-Soviet perception of this date and create a strong association with European history.

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Reflecting on the cultural component of the project, we wanted to demonstrate the solidarity of the EU with Ukraine and how Ukrainian creativity never ends, even during the war. Many artists have responded to our concept. Thus, about 20 performers participated in the mini-concert, including TARABAROVA, Vasya Demchuk, Anyanya Udogvo, Andriy Chmut, Pavel Ignatiev, Evgeny Khmara, Khrystyna Soloviy, Anya Trincher and even the Ukrainian Radio Symphony Orchestra.

The video with Ukrainian musicians scattered all over Europe was an inspiring demonstration of the inflexibility of the Ukrainian spirit and culture. Thanks to the project, over 940 thousand people celebrated Europe Day in Ukraine.