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MAINSTREAM agency organized the second party from the series of vinyl parties for Hendrick’s gin in Hendrick’s bar The first party of the series took place a month earlier. The parties are dedicated to various periods of jazz music history and are organized in the form of lectures and thematic sets. Vlad Fisum—dj, presenter of radio ‘Aristocrats’ and the largest vinyl collector in Ukraine—acted as the speaker.
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Hendrick’s is the most unusual gin in the world, and vinyl is the best way to depict the character of this brand in music art. We decided not only to combine these components but also to put cultural value on the event. After all, you don’t get the opportunity to listen to jazz records of 1920-30s in Kyiv every day.
Series of vinyl parties in Hendrick’s bar

At the first party, he told about the dawn of jazz music and its development in New Orleans (the USA) in 20-30s of the 20th century.

In the spotlight were jazz pioneers like Sidney Bechet, Louis Armstrong and Kid Ory.

The second one was about the ‘Golden Age of Jazz’ in America of 30-40s of the 20th century, the glorious time of Benny Goodman and Jimmie Lunceford’s orchestras, of Ella Fitzgerald, Duke Ellington and Lester Young.

Both parties were accompanied by DJ sets on authentic vinyl records and the special menu created following the recipes of the signature cocktails of that time.

Hendrick's gin
Hendrick's gin

Scotch gin manufactured by family distiller William Grant & Sons. This eclectic drink has several unique features. Firstly, Hendrick’s Gin is the marriage of two different spirits from two rare and unusual stills. And secondly, after the distillation it is infused with the natural essence of Bulgarian rose petals and Belgian cucumber flesh, adding to its special subtle flavor and making it unlike any other dry gin.