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PR support of the First in Eastern Europe Trans4mation Forum
Denis Morozov
Denis Morozov
Board Member, CFO of Interpipe
“The need to scale up sales in Europe and the United States and to move away from large and long-term orders to individual ones has compelled us to undertake a major transformation.”
PR support of the Trans4mation Forum

On November 22, the First in Eastern Europe Trans4mation Forum, the main subject of which was Industry 4.0, was held in Kyiv. Over fifteen Industry 4.0 implementation experts from France, Poland and Ukraine participated, as well as representatives of business and government agencies, over 400 owners and top managers of the largest companies. Unit, Sсhneider, Interpipe, Ukrnafta, UkrEximBank, CodEUrope, FANUC and others were among them. Participants discussed the impact of digital transformation on business and the growth opportunities it offers.

Trans4mation Forum

The MAINSTREAM Agency has elaborated, and implemented communication strategy, provided PR support to the event by media partners and helped to attract business partners. As part of the Forum promotion, our Agency, together with Industry 4.0 experts, has launched several special educational projects with leading business titles. Test of business readiness for changes like Industry 4.0, the Guide to Technical Revolutions and White Paper Industry 3.0 vs Industry 4.0 are among them. The overall reach of the communication activity in the media was more than 100 thousand contacts.


IT-Enterprise was the initiator of the First in Eastern Europe Trans4mation Forum in 2019. Using real cases of digital transformation in Ukraine and the world, the Forum explained the powerful impact of innovative technologies on business development. Company owners, CEOs and directors were the target audience of the event.