Reputational support

Reputation support from MAINSTREAM is a service that shapes and nurtures your company’s communications in a monthly retainer format.


It aims to form information policy and relations with mass media, which would increase awareness, loyalty, and trust.


The service package is made individually depending on the business objectives and requests.

List of reputational support services

As part of reputational support, we can perform a range of services, including:

  • Media relations

Organization of interaction with the media and building long-term relations, delivering the company's position to the media, the realization of information strategy, management of media campaigns

  • Events

Development of creative concepts, corporate and press events, organization of customer participation in third-party events and sponsorship

  • Copywriting

Development of content project concepts, preparation of special projects, articles, interviews, press materials

  • Monitoring and analytics

Analysis of the information field, monitoring of publications in the media and social networks, implementation of emergency alerts system, providing press clippings and the picture of the day

  • Consulting

Forecasting of PR activities’ results, planning, and implementation of PR campaigns, evaluation of KPIs and recommendations in case of crises

Cooperation algorithm

Step 1: a briefing, discussion of business tasks, and formation of the initial package of services for three months. Execution of works and intermediate efficiency evaluation.

Step 2: revision of the service package (if necessary) for six to twelve months, assignment of a team of experts who would work on the project permanently.

Step 3: systematization and execution of works on reputation capital management, monthly performance evaluation and recommendations.

Your Result*

In three months of cooperation, the company has:

  • Defined key messages;
  • An audit of communication channels;
  • An actionable content plan with topics and formats selected;
  • List of target media with relevant subgroups;
  • Established format of interaction between the agency and the client;
  • Synchronized expectations and ways of getting feedback;
  • Recognition of the company or brand in the media field begins to increase.

In six months of cooperation, the company has:

  • A pool of loyal journalists and key media representatives;
  • The most effective communication channels selected (based on the results of the previous period);
  • Increased level of citations on key topics;
  • Increased coverage of materials mentioning the company or brand;
  • Inquiries from media for comments;
  • In case of a crisis – a higher level of credibility.

In one year of systematic cooperation, the company has:

  • The growing expertise in the professional community or the core market;
  • Increased recognition of the company’s officials or experts;
  • Productive and trusting relationships with the representatives of the target media;
  • Media loyalty, which is confirmed by an increase in the number of inquiries for comments, articles and interviews on key topics;
  • A growing number of publications, stories, coverage and other PR metrics;
  • Qualitative changes in the perception of the brand or company (confirmed by research).

* Final KPIs depend on the goals set and scope of work in the service package.

Systematic work in the format of reputational support from MAINSTREAM increases the value of the company’s intangible assets and creates a foundation for the trust of stakeholders, including representatives of the target media.

Numbers prove the results of MAINSTREAM: some clients have been entrusting us with permanent reputation management of their company for over 10 years.

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