Event department MAINSTREAM helped celebrate the anniversary of the head of a large company.
Yulia Kovalenko
Yulia Kovalenko
Senior event manager
‘Private events — my favorite kind of events. Probably, it is all about the guests. Whether it is a birthday or any other event, family and friends are the guests here and for them the celebration is even more important than for the birthday person. And it creates genuine atmosphere of sincere happiness and fun’.
Private anniversary

The man chose Golf Center at Obolonskaya Naberezhnaya as a venue for his birthday celebration.

Choosing a birthday concept was not easy because it was meant to unite and help guests from different countries to bond.

After a few interviews with the man and his family we chose the theme ‘Hipsters’ — a bright, fresh, unifying idea, understandable to every guest. Working on the concept was a breeze, although, having negative experience in the past, the client treated the conceptualized birthday celebration with suspicion.

The guests were greeted by animators from two hostile camps: ‘Komsomol members’ and ‘Hipsters’.

Each guest could take an identification test and receive either a Komsomol membership card or an invitation to a hipster party.

Of course, there were pictures taken and video. And then a special entertaining programme awaited the guests.