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  • Presentation Novita Gapchinska
Event Department of MAINSTREAM organized a presentation for brand Novita of the Corporation Biosphere The event’s focus was a new licensed production line themed on pictures of artist Eugenia Gapchinska.
Event Manager at MAINSTREAM
'This format of the celebration allowed to have a lovely time and to take a closer look at the new line.'
Presentation Novita Gapchinska

The presentation was organized at the gallery 'GAPCHINSKA – No. 1 Supplier of Happiness,' having predetermined the 'happy' theme of the event.

Jointly with the client, we embodied the concept of the event—the airy and light photozone that conveyed the mood of brand Novita—and invited a lecturer on happiness. Managers of Novita rendered marketing reports, presentations, and sales forecasts for the new collection. Among the guests were buyers of the main retail chains of the country. Each guest received an invitation in the form of a sweet gift, complemented by a demonstration set of cotton pads and cotton buds from the Novita Gapchinska collection.


is the largest manufacturer and distributor of home care and personal care products. The company with multimillion turnover is a top performer in Ukraine and is one of the largest in the CIS. It has been operating since 1997.