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  • PRESSZVANIE and E-DATA conducted a workshop
“Open Data As A Tool Of Authority And Business Control” The event was held under the auspice of the PRESSZVANIE contest for journalists in cooperation with E-data, the official public finance portal of Ukraine.
Manager of E-data and “Search and Analytical System 007” projects
'The use of public data is determined by law—access to them can be obtained, for example, at a special request. The essence of open data is the opposite—the data must be published online even before someone needs them. The value of big data are those new opportunities that we get with the analysis of large amounts of information.'
PRESSZVANIE and E-DATA conducted a workshop

On June 8, we conducted the workshop, 'Open Data as a tool of authority and business control.'

What are the open data, what is their value, and what problems they address, were the topics explicated by Oleksandr Shchelokov, manager of projects E-data and 'Search and Analytical System 007.'

'When I come to a doctor, he examines me for five minutes. Then he opens my medical record, sees my previous diseases, and prescribes me medicine at his discretion. Big Data is when a robot examines me, and in three to eight years, 80% of doctors will be robots; they will know where I was born—in polluted Kryvyi Rih or in Odessa near the sea—when I started to drink, when I started to smoke, what medicine I’ve been taking all my life, etc. Definitely, the robot and Big Data will recommend to me the medicine that suits me better,' explained Oleksandr Shchelokov.

Editor-in-chief of VoxUkraine, Boris Davydenko, and editor of DataVox, Dmytro Ostapchuk, explained how journalists may present large amounts of data in an understandable and interesting form.

'Data should never go ahead of the history. Only researchers may afford analysis for the sake of analysis. For the journalist, the result should be in the form of content that the readers will understand and that will have some impact. The task of the journalist is to bring together the history, data, and visualization,' noted Borys Davydenko.


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