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  • PR-support of the All-Ukrainian Forum "Derzhavotvorecz"
PR-support of the All-Ukrainian Forum

The All-Ukrainian Youth Forum "Derzhavotvorecz: Youth on the Guard of Change" is a platform that brings together conscious and active youth and experienced statesmen to jointly participate in the processes of reforming and modernizing Ukraine. 

Ukrainian government officials, prominent entrepreneurs, journalists and volunteers, together with students from across the country, discussed opportunities for youth fulfillment in Ukraine. The event took place on July 22, 2023, at the Parkovy Exhibition and Convention Center and brought together more than 800 participants from 22 regions. The Forum was organized by the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine and the Kyiv School of Public Administration named after Serhiy Nyzhnyi.

As a PR partner of the forum, the MAINSTREAM team had to create an information context for active youth to join the public sector. It also had to draw attention to the value of young people's contribution to the restoration and development of Ukraine. A separate topic of communication was the announcement of the selection for the educational course "Derzhavotvorecz: Changes are Possible".

MAINSTREAM specialists prepared informational materials and organized communication with media representatives to cover the event and provide comments from the speakers. The agency's content team created a separate package of information messages for further distribution in social networks.

As a result, we received dozens of media publications. More importantly, the MAINSTREAM team assisted the Forum organizers in their efforts to engage young talent in the development of Ukraine. Hundreds of students from all over the country learned about study, internship and employment opportunities.