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French Dukan Diet in Ukrainian restaurant BEEF meat&wine
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French Dukan Diet in Ukrainian restaurant BEEF meat&wine

Have you ever asked yourself: what to eat to lose weight? You probably don’t believe that you can eat anything and still lose extra pounds. But you can find a miracle in a particular place – one of the best meat restaurants in Kyiv, BEEF meat&wine.
The restaurant owners were ready to experiment as it wasn’t the first time when BEEF meat&wine offered its guests something that could not be found anywhere else in Kyiv. To attract a new audience to the restaurant, the MAINSTREAM agency offered a bold idea for BEEF to become the first restaurant in Ukraine and the CIS with a unique menu based on the popular diet system known as the Dukan Diet.
The diet’s core idea is a temporary avoidance of fats and carbohydrates in favor of proteins and vegetables. It was similar to the existing menu of the BEEF restaurant. The chef Oleg Starun has developed a new menu based on the book by French doctor Pierre Dukan. Our agency was invited to present new, unusual dishes for the restaurant’s guests.

Our solution

The MAINSTREAM team invited Pierre Dukan himself to present the new menu to the restaurant’s regular customers. It was not easy to get in touch with Monsieur Dukan, as it took several weeks. But when Monsieur Dukan did receive our invitation, he was delighted with the idea. He agreed to visit Ukraine and attend the presentation of the new menu.

The presentation was held on the second floor of the restaurant. For one evening, it turned into a small corner of France. Monsieur Dukan himself welcomed the guests, and live French music played at the restaurant.

There was a special area with laptops where every visitor could go to Dukan’s website, fill in the form, and get to know their ideal weight and personal tips for weight loss. Guests could print out the results at the restaurant or send them via email.

Restaurant’s co-owners Ruslan Shybaiev and Dmytro Zakhodiakin presented the new menu (at that time).

“I am glad that now in Kyiv there is a place where everyone who wants to eat healthily has such an opportunity. After all, the quality of food directly affects the quality of life. Nowadays, health is the most important value. Some people call healthy diet a fashion. But personally, I hope for this fashion to become a new classic in Ukraine as well,” Ruslan Shybaiev commented.

MAINSTREAM agency developed a new design of Dukan’s book I Don’t Know How to Lose Weight. Doctor Dukan and the chef of BEEF meat&wine Oleg Starun were on the cover together. At the end of the event, they held an autograph session for the readers.


The presentation received many positive reviews from restaurant critics, nutritionists, and opinion leaders of the food industry. The Vogue interviewed Pierre Dukan and Oleg Starun, while the two largest TV channels, 1+1 and Inter, made a video about the diet and the new menu in BEEF meat&wine. We received over 70 references in print, online, glamour publications, and social media.

The restaurant itself got the TripAdvisor certificate of excellence and, according to the annual restaurant award SALT, became the best meat restaurant in Ukraine in 2013.

Monsieur Dukan’s manager was so impressed with the taste of dishes that he promised to send his cooks from the Greek restaurant Dukan Diet to Kyiv to learn from BEEF’s chef.

Over two months after the new menu presentation, over 500 dishes of the Dukan Diet were sold in the restaurant. The permanent BEEF audience has increased significantly and now includes more women.

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