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Svitlana Sverchkova
Svitlana Sverchkova
Managing Director at MAINSTREAM
«I have an interesting idea that we have to learn to enjoy crises! As it is the time to study, relax, be with relatives and friends, make plans and pray for them to become true. All storms end eventually. But we are here to stay. Take care of yourself!»
Precisely 16 years ago, MAINSTREAM opened its doors

Today we are adults. Precisely 16 years ago, MAINSTREAM PR agency opened its doors. When we started, no one knew what lied ahead of us. We had only one wish: to do a great job! And today, looking back, it is a surprise for us how much time has already passed.

We survived two economic crises in 2008 and 2014 and managed to keep over 30 members of staff. MAINSTREAM as a company has invested USD 7.9 million in its CSR projects. Our projects for clients have gained recognition both in Ukraine and in the international community. We have received three SABRE awards: two for competing in the EMEA region and one for being among the top 50 best PR projects in the world. We have always respected our clients and never compromised the quality of our work.

Our Sweet Sixteen we celebrate in the midst of the third crisis. In the current situation, I am glad that the team became closer, united and focused on new projects and the development of MAINSTREAM itself. Surprisingly, while a lot of projects are put on hold now, we are getting new clients, opportunities and exciting projects.

We sincerely wish our fellow professionals to stay strong. Perseverance helps to whip cream into butter during trials stubbornly. We wish them to have loyal customers. As a person helps another person in trouble, a business can help another business to survive. And the love for the team is also essential because that's the most valuable thing that we have. 

Any crisis is temporary. As King Solomon said, "Everything passes. This too shall pass." We've seen it many times before.