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MAINSTREAM agency joined the project ‘Left to return’, initiated by the Charity Foundation ‘Kvitna’
Svetlana Sverchkova
Svetlana Sverchkova
Managing Director
‘We join the project and take care of our employees’ health — we provide an opportunity for every woman in the company to be examined by the mammologist and undergo a mammogram. Our main goal is to unite the efforts and potential of the whole society in the fight for health of all Ukrainian women. We urge Ukrainian companies to participate in the project, it not only positively affects the climate within the company, but also shapes the socially-active image of the business.‘
‘Left to return’

Employees of the company will receive one paid day off to undergo an examination by the mammologist and make sure they are healthy.

Therefore, in the framework of cooperation, in addition to examinations for all employees of the company, the doctor-mammologist of the first ‘Specialized Mammological Center’ Lilia Zelenkevich has already conducted an educational lecture on all current issues of women's health.

In particular, she explained how to properly monitor their health, how often it is necessary to visit a doctor, what signs should prompt a woman to immediately seek medical help and how to protect themselves from dangerous diseases.