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  • MAINSTREAM terminates the contract with KFC
MAINSTREAM terminates the contract with YUM! Brands, KFC official representative in Ukraine
Svitlana Sverchkova
Svitlana Sverchkova
managing director
‘We remember and respect tragic Maidan events. We actively participated in the Revolution of Dignity, and we share our people’s aspirations of the European way of development. We offer an apology for the decisions made by KFC Company. We feel deeply sorry that we failed to persuade investors of how important and highly regarded is the memory of those who died during the Revolution of Dignity.’
MAINSTREAM terminates the contract with KFC

KFC office ignored all our warnings regarding the risks of the opening restaurant in the Union House of the Federation of Trade Unions of Ukraine. And the communication the company insists on using contradicts ethical standards and values of our company.

For that matter, we break off the cooperation with YUM! Brands.