MAINSTREAM agency created a booklet of Kyiv’s investment appeal for the Kyiv City State Administration The booklet is intended to present the city objects to potential Ukrainian and foreign investors.
senior strategist of the agency, project manager
‘It was a kind of challenge for our team to create the booklet. We virtually ‘felt out’ all investment opportunities of our capital. We met and talked to investment analysts and business owners who already invested and implemented large-scale projects in Kyiv. We have an excellent infrastructure, professional personnel and a truly European city. This allows to develop various projects, advantageous for both investors and citizen. But above all, this is every possible assistance from the Kyiv City State Administration and Vitali Klitschko personally.'

Tasks of the agency within the scope of the project:

  • collection of information to provide content for the booklet, including communications with investment analysts, potential investors and companies that have already implemented their projects
  • elaboration of exclusive design that fully reflects the appeal of Kyiv and of the projects that are in need of financing
  • copywriting in Ukrainian and English
  • layout and printing of booklets.

‘MIPIM-2018’ international real estate exhibition to be held in Cannes (France) on March 13-16 will be the first event where these booklets will be used. At the exhibition, more than 5,000 international investors will get an opportunity to get familiar with promising investment projects of Kyiv.


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