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  • Child Protection Day for IMMOCHAN
Event Department of MAINSTREAM organized and carried out the event for IMMOCHAN company on the occasion of child protection day. On June 3, in boutique galleries of the shopping centers “Auchan-Bilychi” and “Petrovka,” special play spaces were organized, to which the small visitors of these centers were invited.
Event Manager at MAINSTREAM
“Organization of such events is an important step in the work of IMMOCHAN with its visitors. Due to the format of the fest, children and their parents had a good time and learned new information.”
Child Protection Day for IMMOCHAN

The thematic component of the event was the international Declaration of the Rights of the Child, proclaimed by the General Assembly of the United Nations on November 20, 1959. Throughout the event, animators told children about their rights in the form of the game, and the children tagged the main points in the certificates they received at the beginning of the event.

Over 150 children took part in the event.


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