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Daria Dobrunova
Daria Dobrunova
Project Leader, MAINSTREAM Senior PR Strategist
“Support provided to young musicians is the brand's contribution to the development of the country's culture. Freedom to create contest aims at helping performers to become noticed and demonstrate the individual sound of their music. And as the values of the Volvo brand include freedom from restrictions, the improvisations of the participants helped to display it in the best way.”
‘Freedom to create’ music contest for Volvo

‘Freedom to create’ music contest is the part of ‘Freedom to move. Freedom to create’ project. This project was implemented within the retainer of Winner Imports Ukraine for the Volvo brand.

Pianist Yevhen Khmara became the main hero of the project, while thirty talented Ukrainian musicians participated in the contest.

Every person who wanted to participate was to record a video of musical improvisation and share it via Instagram with #freedomtocreate hashtag. Yevhen Khmara chose the winner. Yuliia Kozlenko got the main prize: workshop with Yevhen Khmara in the studio of In-Jazz music retailer, backstage access during the premiere of Yevhen's new album, as well as an interview-tour around Kyiv in a Volvo XC 90 car.

Details of the joint workshop of Yevhen Khmara and Yuliia Kozlenko: https://www.facebook.com/EvgenyKhmara/videos/3730490620296280/

Winner Imports Ukraine
Winner Imports Ukraine

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