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Discovering talent is a challenge. And especially if you are an ordinary Ukrainian child with next to no opportunity to realize yourself. You really want to know what you are capable of in this world. But you have no idea where to start and where to go.

To solve this problem, MAINSTREAM, together with the EU Delegation to Ukraine, implemented a project that reveals the creative abilities of children and introduces the younger generation to the values and culture of the EU.


MAINSTREAM’s task was to develop a project that would meet the needs and interests of the younger generation, be socially significant and correspond to the mission of the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

When developing the project concept, we immersed ourselves in studying the target audience, their preferences and context. During the pandemic, children were locked up at home in front of screens, and parents were deprived of the opportunity to help develop their creative abilities. This is especially true for small towns and villages of Ukraine.

Our goal was to create a small online world where the laws of diligence and creativity work. Everyone who tries to do something will succeed. Research has confirmed the relevance of the concept: 67% of modern children and adolescents in Ukraine are willing to be taught how to realize their creative potential. Moreover, we had to consider legal restrictions: we could not communicate directly with children under 12 years, so communication was aimed at parents.

MAINSTREAM’s team developed and created a website with free video lessons and tasks for children in four creative areas: music, dance, drawing and cooking. With the help of storytelling, high-quality visuals, and gamification, we have taken children to another world – the planet of talent development, EU TALENT.Space. Since the modern generation prefers to communicate via smartphones, special attention was paid to developing a mobile version of the platform.


To motivate children to join the project, together with the platform, we launched a competition: participants had to watch educational videos in the chosen field and complete tasks from the influencer. The completed task had to be uploaded to social networks with the project hashtag. The best received prizes from the EU Delegation to Ukraine.

In addition to creative areas, the platform allowed to take a special Euroquiz on the European countries and receive gifts for it, too. A stylized colouring book was developed as one of the prizes. It included illustrations of EU countries and exciting facts about each of them.

EU TALENT.Space has brought together thousands of young Ukrainians across the country, regardless of social or geographical factors. Both a child from a small village and a child from a city of millions is equally noticed and awarded for creativity and diligence.

Over 3,300 unique users visited the platform during the three weeks of the competition mechanics. About 400 children registered to participate in the competition, and 47 became the best in their areas. We made 31 publications, 8 blog posts, and one special project in the media. The coverage of the platform was about 580,000 people.

The EU TALENT.Space project won the Davos Communications Awards 2022 in the Best Digital or Social Media Campaign category, was shortlisted by the SABRE Awards in the Non-Corporate | Government Agencies category, and received the Certificate of Excellence award in the Brand Content & Creativity | Best in Digital Brand Platforms category.

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EU TALENT.Space allowed every child in Ukraine, regardless of social status, geography, or experience, to try themselves in creative areas and discover their abilities. Our victory is that the project continues to live after the official part of the competition. Even without further promotion, the project remains popular with the audience and is autonomous, continuing to shape the image of the EU Delegation to Ukraine among children and adolescents.

To find out more about the project, watch our video.