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MAINSTREAM agency won a pitch for Event-support Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine We will be working on popularization of the European Union in Ukraine.
Oleg Yatsura
Oleg Yatsura
Event Director
'EU announced 2018 the Year of EU Cultural Heritage. Ukraine has also announced 2018 as a year of Ukrainian Cultural Heritage. One of our main tasks is to target different audiences in all regions of Ukraine, activities to form the understanding how much in common EU and Ukraine has in the sphere of culture—this is the main objective of our work for the next year.'
Event-support of the EU Delegation

The project will help demonstrate the EU’s positive impact and promote EU values and commitment in engaging with Ukraine in the areas of culture and sports. It can make a synergy between different EU initiatives through “people-to-people” approach. It will help people to spread the information about EU projects and benefits from taking part in them.

Participants of the cultural and sports events will get to know more about other EU activities and how to participate in them. They can get more direct opportunities to share their views, establish more contacts and networking during the events covered by the project.

Sharing EU values and informing Ukrainian audiences about existing and future initiatives will create a sense of common historical, cultural and sports heritage with the European partners.


Consists of 27 member states that decided gradually to bring together their know-hows, resources and destinies. Jointly, over the 50-year enlargement period, they created the zone of stability, democracy and sustainable development, preserving cultural diversity, tolerance and individual freedoms. The European Union seeks to share its achievements and its values with countries and peoples beyond its borders.