MAINSTREAM Agency organized the seminar about the future of journalism with participation of CNN International top managers
Greg Beitchman
Vice President for Content Sales and Partnerships at CNN International
‘As a former journalist and now head of content partnerships for CNN, I am passionate about the news industry and the commercial and partnership strategies that fund and sustain its growth. As CNN forges more content partnerships with media organizations around the world, I found this an invaluable experience to understand more about the Ukrainian media landscape and the role that news plays in the country,’ noted .
CNN in Ukraine

Exclusively for PRESSZVANIE Prize, MAINSTREAM Agency organized a seminar about the future of journalism. Greg Beitchman, Vice President for Content Sales and Partnerships at CNN International, and Andrew Demaria, Vice President, Editorial, at CNN Digital International, acted as the speakers.

More than 100 persons attended the event, including producer for CNN in Ukraine, Reuters producer, director of TV-channel Ukraina, presenter of TV-channel ICTV, editors-in-chief from publication Novoye Vremya and other journalists.

Based on the longstanding experience of CNN International global network and conducted media researches, CNN top managers shared how to sell unpopular content and win attention of the audience, while keeping the quality of the main media products.

Andrew Demaria, Vice President, Editorial, CNN Digital International, shared his experience of how traditional media master the digital and how trends change the journalism:

‘CNN has been on a tremendous journey in recent years, transforming from a linear TV channel to a multi-platform news network that uses new ways of storytelling across TV and digital. I enjoyed sharing this experience with Ukrainian students and editors, and in turn hearing interesting thoughts and ideas from the audience. We are all operating in a fast-changing media landscape, and forums for sharing of ideas are important for all of us to understand the future of the news media.’


is the prize for journalists conducted in Ukraine since 2005. The prize awards journalists and editors of business, sociopolitical and lifestyle publications for their leadership and professionalism. PRESSZVANIE is the only prize with open and transparent voting. PRESSZVANIE Ukraine is a non-governmental organization, the mission of which is to develop Ukrainian journalism.