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MAINSTREAM acted as a partner of the national multi-stage project against domestic violence. It was initiated by the EU program “Women and Children Rights in Ukraine – Communications Component”, with support of the Ministry for Family, Youth, and Sport.

Main tasks of the project:

  • Draw attention of general public to the problem of domestic violence 
  • Inform the population about work of the hotline, psychosocial support centers for victims of domestic violence
  • Challenge the stereotypes of veto on public discussion of the topic of violence

327 pickups in mass media

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  • Solemn ceremony of signing the 'Declaration of Respect' with participation of celebrities 
  • Formed the pool of journalists loyal to the project 
  • Campaign launch press conference in Kyiv 
  • Six campaign launch press conference (Lviv, Donetsk, Odesa, and Big Yalta, on the same day and at the same time)  
  • 200,000 bracelets distributed during one month 
  • 150 billboards, 50 citylights were placed in eight cities 
  • Seven roll-mobiles prepared for street events in seven cities of Ukraine
  • Press briefing at Kyiv Central Railway Station, dedicated to the distribution of information cards at railway stations of the country 
  • Daily photo report on every city 
  • Distributed 50,000 information cards with instructions and phone numbers of the hotline 
  • Arranged interviews with real victims of violence
  • Millions of people all over Ukraine admitted the problem, and 200,000 persons wear magenta bracelets as a mark of support against any form of violence
  • The topic was actively discussed in mass media (project was invited to Shuster Live)
  • The problem was brought up in social media and blogs, stimulating discussions between people
  • Number of calls to the hotline increased by 68%
  • Such celebrities as Kishe, S.K.A.Y., Kusma, Lama, Svetlana Loboda, and many others, supported the campaign by wearing the bracelets, distributing the message be means of interviews and comments for mass media