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SCM united its metallurgical assets into one holding. Presentation of Metinvest Holding had to comply with the world-class level of the company, which not only supplies its products to 70 countries of the world and has a number of divisions in Europe, but also is a leader in the world market of mining and metallurgy.

We dealt with the following tasks:

  • Position Metinvest Holding as a large, professional, 'proper', leading Ukrainian company in the domestic and foreign steel markets 
  • Draw attention of mass media and the company’s partners to the event 
  • Generate publicity for the event
  • 199 pickups 
  • Seven TV footages 
  • 200 participants
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Igor Syry, General Director of Metinvest Holding
Igor Syry, General Director of Metinvest Holding
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PR + Events

Public presentation of Metinvest Holding consisted of two parts. The first part included a press conference with the report from the Holding’s CEO and an introduction of top managers to the public.

The second entertaining part of the event included musical fireworks, a fire show, a banquet, and a concert from Ruslana. 
The presentation was attended by over 200 guests, who were international business elites and representatives of leading media of Ukraine.

Participants of the event were: the international investing community, clients and partners of the company, representatives of authorities and business establishments of Ukraine, the international business community, experts who are leaders of public opinion of Ukraine, Europe, the US, and Russia, as well as representatives of business, industrial and sociopolitical media outlets of Ukraine, and international mass media.

  • We generated the interest of mass media and the target audiences to the company’s development.
  • We provided the basis for the proper perception of Metinvest Holding’s management team as highly professional experts of this industry.

 'I would like to mention the innovative approach to the implementation of Metinvest Holding’s concept. The stage and the entrance originally designed in the shape of a pipe made an unforgettable impression of the global dimension and grandiosity of the event. Joseph Innace, our honored guest and an expert in steel and mining industry from the USA, held the highest opinion about the event,'  Igor Syry, General Director of Metinvest Holding