Media Relations

According to Muck Rack’s State of PR 2022 survey, relationships with journalists remain a top priority in PR. 70% of specialists are focused on establishing it.

Effective Media Relations result in an integral perception of the brand by stakeholders, including journalists, editors, and opinion leaders, a trusting attitude towards you and your company, and the correspondence of the desired media image to the real one.

What can we do for you as part of Media Relations?

1. Content Strategy

We develop a plan for creating and promoting content based on the business task. We form goals, a strategy, and a system of newsbreaks in the form of a content plan. We select relevant communication channels and work out key messages. We define an individual KPIs system.

2. Building media loyalty*

We organise productive contacts and establish long-term relationships with the media, compose target media lists, and develop loyalty programs on behalf of your company.

3. Collaboration with influencers and opinion leaders

We select interaction formats, conduct negotiations, develop collaborations, mechanics of flash mobs and other activities, create and carry out creative mailings.

4. Copywriting

We develop concepts for content projects, create native special projects, and prepare articles, interviews, columns, press materials. We request expert comments for your publications.

5. Earned & Paid Media

We pitch authors' columns and topics of materials for publication in the media, manage the placement of advertising materials, as well as media buying. We are partners with over 120 leading national and 250 regional media (business, socio-political, specialised). We work with all media types: TV, radio, print and online.

6. Performance Tracking*

We monitor publications and responses to the company's newsbreaks, carry out quantitative and qualitative analyses of media coverage, prepare press clippings, and implement an emergency alert system if necessary. We evaluate the performance following an individual KPIs system.

7. Press events organisation and support

We hold press conferences and press tours (in Ukraine and abroad). Upon request, we can provide press support for an event that you organise yourself.

*Marked services are designed to be implemented within six months or more.

Your result in long-term cooperation:
  • A content strategy following the objectives of your business has been developed and implemented. You understand how to create and cover a newsbreak and what results to expect.
  • A target media list has been compiled for areas or projects. You know the names of all the key journalists and editors working on your topic.
  • A pool of loyal journalists and key media representatives has been formed. The media's loyalty is confirmed by increased requests for comments, articles and interviews.
  • The level of the company's expertise in the media environment is growing. You understand the formats and channels of communication and can offer media representatives precisely what they are interested in.
  • Your desired media image corresponds to the business objectives and the current perception by the target audiences.

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