Employer Brand PRomotion
Employer Brand PRomotion

We will help you attract and retain talent in a competitive market.

Attracting and retaining professionals is a key element of a successful business strategy. At every stage of the company's development, the employees lead it to sustainability and profitability.

How to attract the best employees?

According to LinkedIn, 75% of candidates research a company's reputation before submitting a resume.

86% of HR professionals believe that employer branding is as important for business development as marketing is for promoting services and products.

A strong employer brand:
  • attracts talent twice as fast;
  • reduces the cost of hiring by 50%;
  • helps retain talent in times of crisis. For example, in the case of restructuring, downsizing or force majeure.
How can MAINSTREAM help you strengthen your employer brand?

Based on your EVP, we will develop and implement a strategy to promote your employer brand among existing and potential employees. The EBPR service provides three options, depending on your HR goals.

Employer Brand Promotion Strategy

Together with you, we will form a long-term step-by-step plan to strengthen your position in a competitive market, attract qualified personnel and retain the best in the team. The strategy will help:

  • Create the desired image of the company as an employer;
  • Increase the quantity and improve the quality of job applications;
  • Increase employee loyalty;
  • Optimise the costs of solving HR tasks;
  • Develop a clear performance evaluation system.
Adapting the employer brand in a crisis

Emergencies require businesses to change HR practices rapidly. While the existing strategy may prove irrelevant in the new conditions.

With the MAINSTREAM Employer Brand adaptation option, you will get:

  • An objective evaluation of the impact of changes on potential and existing employees;
  • Communication action plan for before, during or after the crisis occurs;
  • Maintained or restored team loyalty.

In the first month of the war, 61% of Ukrainian IT specialists moved to safer cities within the country or abroad. Technical specialists have become in demand in the EU countries as many opportunities appeared. For IT companies, this means increased competition in the international labour market.

The Employer Brand Promotion strategy for the IT sector will allow:

  • Make your company the #1 choice for IT professionals in Ukraine, the EU, Georgia, and other countries;
  • Help attract and retain top talent when opening new offices in Ukraine or Europe;
  • Ensure communication with the team and the market in a war environment;
  • Be prepared for the resumption of business growth at any point of presence.
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