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MAINSTREAM ORGANIZED PARTICIPATION OF HENDRICK’S GIN IN RETRO CRUISE FESTIVAL On September 17, Kyiv hosted the autumn bicycle parade, Retro Cruise. Fans of the retro style rode through the streets of Kyiv, made a stop for a five o'clock tea party, and celebrated the finish at a roof party with the launch of the airship.
Project Manager and Senior PR Strategist at MAINSTREAM
'Hendrick’s Gin is one of the most interesting and difficult brands. Work with it requires creativity and elegance at the same time. The Retro Cruise is the event, and its concept distinguishes it among other city festivals. Participation of Hendrick’s in the Retro Cruise produced the excellent synergy and created the atmosphere of the marvelous retro world at the event.'
Hendrick’s gin in Retro Cruise

140 Kyiv citizens, as well as guests from Lviv, Odessa, and Minsk, took part in the bicycle parade.

In the evening, the bicycle parade arrived to “Party in the sky: “Airship Kyiv.” The story of the Kyiv airship of the early part of the century served as a pretext for the party.

'Not everyone knows that the world’s first commercial airship was created in Kyiv in 1911. The author named his creation 'Kyiv' and offered rides for passengers from European Square to Trukhanov Island. Such facts make our city unique,' commented Marianna Fakas, the Retro Cruise ideologist. 'We love Kyiv with all our heart, and we want to remember episodes of its history that inspire even 100 years later.'

The party was organized on the roof of an ancient house in Podol, to the sound of jazz and cocktails from Hendrick’s Gin—the official drink of the evening, and the most “unusual” drink in the world. A model of the “Kyiv” airship floated in the sky at the party, which culminated in the drawing of the city bike, Streetster, and the launch of balloons by the party guests.

We organized participation of Hendrick’s gin in the festival—media coverage, participation of the brand ambassadors in the bicycle parade, design of the location, and control over the work of the brand zone.

Hendrick's Gin
Hendrick's Gin

Hendrick’s gin is a Scotch gin manufactured by family distiller William Grant & Sons. It is produced in small batches, as it has been since 1999. This unique, eclectic drink is bottled in opaque “pharmacy-style” bottles. Its botanic signature includes flowers, fruits, seeds of juniper, and coriander. Hendrick’s gin is infused with Bulgarian rose and cucumber, adding to its “special” mild flavor.