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STRATEGIC CHANGES TO PRESSZVANIE PRIZE On February 21, the Supervisory Board of the journalistic prize PRESSZVANIE made a series of strategic decisions: exclude business from the Judging Panel, introduce new nominations and renew the methodology of text evaluation.
Head of the Steering Committee of PRESSZVANIE Prize
‘This year will be transitional for PRESSZVANIE from the ‘Contest of Business Circles’ to the ‘Journalist Prize’. Number of business media in the country reduced by times, therefore we’ve decided to broaden the topics of categories and offer the opportunity to journalists who write about lifestyle, culture and society to submit their works. This will enlarge the circle of interested journalists and boost the internal competition for the award. We believe that these changes to the project will make the prize even better.’
Strategic changes to PRESSZVANIE prize

Topics of categories

Starting this year, in addition to business nominations, we introduced ‘Culture’ and ‘Community’ blocks of categories.

‘Business’ block includes the following categories:

  1. Economic Policy: Finance, Investments
  2. Agricultural Sector
  3. Industrial Production: Mining-metallurgical Complex & Industry
  4. Telecommunications & IT
  5. Consumer Markets
  6. Transport
  7. Energy Sector

‘Culture’ block includes the following categories:

  1. Movies
  2. Theatre
  3. Music
  4. Publishing/Literature
  5. Visual art

‘Community’ block includes the following categories:

  1. Life Quality: Democracy, Social Protection, Environment
  2. Health Care
  3. Sport
  4. Gender
  5. Lifestyle: Food, Tourism, Fashion

This year we added two image nominations. ‘For Contribution to Journalism Development’ category will honor journalists and editors, who in opinion of winners of previous years influenced the development of this trade in the country. Young journalists who started their career no more than two years ago from the moment of their first publication may submit their texts in ‘Discovery of the Year’ category.

Voting system

Since the current season of the contest is experimental, voting will be arranged in two formats – the old and the new ones.

According to the old format, any editor of a business, sociopolitical or lifestyle publication, registered as a Jury member on the contest website, will be able to cast a vote for a submitted article.

In the new format, the submitted works will be evaluated by the expert judging panel that will consist of media experts, heads of sector committees of business associations, editors, journalists from business, sociopolitical and lifestyle publications. Judging panel is formed on the following basis: The Supervisory Board proposes the candidates and creates the long-list. Then journalists cast their votes for the most competent candidates in the field of text evaluation, in their opinion. Thirty persons with the highest number of votes will form the judging panel of the prize in 2018.

PR-managers will no longer appraise journalists in any of the formats.

Evaluation methodology

Starting this year, the judging panel will be evaluating the quality of texts. This assumes that every person casting a vote should look through the texts and not just vote for a journalist he/she knows.

Contestant may submit texts that were published either in Ukrainian or in foreign media outlets during the previous year. One contestant may submit up to the two pieces per one category, the language of submission is Ukrainian or Russian.

Texts will be evaluated by the following criteria:

  • relevance of the topic chosen 
  • depth of the topic coverage
  • uniqueness of facts chosen
  • facility of style – ease of narration
  • result of the article – how influential and high-profile the material proved to be, what changes in the society it has triggered.

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is the prize for journalists conducted in Ukraine since 2005. The prize awards journalists and editors of business, sociopolitical and lifestyle publications for their leadership and professionalism. PRESSZVANIE is the only prize with open and transparent voting. PRESSZVANIE Ukraine is a non-governmental organization, the mission of which is to develop Ukrainian journalism. Media partners: Persha Shpalta, Ukranews, Delovaya Stolitsa, Depo.ua, RBC-Ukraine, Apostrophe.