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Oleg Yatsura
Oleg Yatsura
event director at MAINSTREAM
“The biggest praise for the event is to hear from the guests that it was the best event in their life. We always set ourselves high, sometimes unattainable, goals in preparing an event. So, for example, before us, no one has yet gathered all the available transport for one event. But we did it! And we are delighted that our efforts resonate with the emotions of the participants”
Road to the top: Annual Kernel Management Kick-Off Event

Every year Kernel, one of the largest agricultural holdings in Ukraine, holds a Kernel Management Kickoff conference for top managers. Around 200 people from all over Ukraine attend the event. Over the past six years, participants have experienced all kinds of team building, from simple quests to survival games and nightly action games. But the event department of MAINSTREAM once again surprised everyone with an exciting concept, the high level of organisation and the incredible atmosphere.

The inspiration came from the Dakar Rally Raid, an annual race that tests the capabilities of humans and transport. This is how we created the concept of Road to the top. In our reality, it was a two-day event in the Carpathians with team challenges on off-road vehicles.

Kernel Management Kick-Off 2021 was an intense two days program. The event was the first offline event since the lockdown. Therefore, on the first day, we focused on what the guests craved the most – communication. After all, this is a new luxury in the current pandemic world.

The second day was full of surprises. The first one was expecting the guests in the morning – at the meeting point, they saw Kolia Serga, one of the Orel i Reshka program hosts, a famous traveller and conqueror of new places. According to the concept, each team received the same vehicles and the route they had to follow. Mountains, impassable roads, and lack of mobile communication. You have only your team! As a reward for the path travelled, the guests got another surprise – a gala dinner and the performance of the Queen of the Night.

Some statistics: in 2 days, we held four separate events within the framework of one conference, gathered 72 units of machinery and 235 people of event personnel.