PR retainer

We recommend buying long-term servicing instead of a one-off service.

When working on the basis of a retainer, we delve into the details to understand the nuances and the environment in which you operate.

This format helps the team examine all of the ins and outs, understand the problems, and propose several solutions that will have a lasting result.

A retainer is not just a dry list of PR services but the sufficient amount of paid time to foresee the probable progression of events and recommend weighted solutions, to 'get in the client’s shoes' and do a little bit more.


  • Daily work of press office 
  • PR material copywriting 
  • News hooks search 
  • Monitoring of profile events 
  • Consultations on media relations 
  • Provision of monthly reports

For more details, please make your request on our website or call us: +38 (044) 337 40 80. 

When you make your request, we send you a brief, ask additional questions, and prepare and defend our proposal.

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