NEW NORMAL strategy

NEW NORMAL – new rules of the game in the post-COVID period.

When the world changes, traditional solutions no longer work. How to find your way in the NEW NORMAL reality? What can be changed in relationships with clients and the team? What should today's communications be like?

With the NEW NORMAL strategy, we overcome challenges using the right communications:

  • Business transformation. The company has changed its product or area of work. There is a need to communicate information about services to customers and recover sales volume.
  • Reduction of demand. Product or service is not in demand; consumer values have changed.
  • New digital practices. The need to change the digital habits of employees and learn new skills.
  • Post-COVID adaptation of employees. Working with their stress and fears, rebuilding teamwork.
  • Making difficult decisions. When there is a need to reduce production, fire employees and cuts salaries.
  • Keeping up to date with segment changes. Monitoring changes in consumer habits and attitudes during the pandemic.
  • Taking carefully weighed decisions. Understanding the reasons for the reduction of demand, identifying points of contact with the audience.
What we offer?
  1. NEW NORMAL PR strategy. Development of PR strategy based on the current situation, audience analysis and business objectives.
  2. Hourly consultations. Strategic sessions to address communication tasks.
  3. Evaluation of the media field. Analysis of mentioning your company and competitors in the media during the pandemic. Recommendations on the next steps.

What do you get? 

  • Adaptation to the NEW NORMAL reality.
  • Action plan of communicating changes made within the company.
  • Recovering demand according to the changed values of the audience.
  • Building a reputation of the leader whom employees, clients, and partners are ready to follow.
  • Developing a digital transformation plan and helping staff learn new skills.


  1. Updating strategic communication guidelines in the post-COVID environment (3-5 years’ perspective).
  2. Building internal communications in the NEW NORMAL reality.
  3. Developing creative solutions for your business tasks.

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