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  • The wildest press-tour for journalists from DTEK
Galina Reznik
observer of the branch group of journalists, ‘TEK’ and ‘Metall-Bulletin’
‘It was remarkable! There was no tension at the event; it was very interesting and cheerful. I liked very much that from the very beginning you managed to strike the proper keynote and create the necessary mood, because it is extremely important’.
The wildest press-tour for journalists from DTEK

DTEK with support of Mainstream Communication & Consulting held a meeting of journalists and top-management at the ranch ‘Wild West’.

‘Press-tour through the Wild West’ is the name of a bright show, in which participated 28 representatives of the leading business editions of Ukraine. The meeting was held in the original cowboy's style with elements of team-building and rich entertainment program, according to the idea of organizers.

The unusual beginning of the ‘wild’ event took place near ‘Arsenalna’ subway station, where ‘brothers of the quill’ got into retro-cars and were taken away in the unknown direction. However, the cortege couldn’t reach the ranch in time as it was captured by Indians-robbers. Hence the journalists became captives and had to act according to the new, wild, previously unknown rules, which, by the way, did not arouse any resentment or resistance in them. Participants found themselves in the country of Wild West on arrival at the place of the event and were joyfully welcomed by local beauties and breathtaking cowboys. Then the journalists had finally understood that instead of a standard press-event they were in for a festival, a true action with lots of interesting surprises.

Press conference is an unknown concept for local residents of the Wild West… However it did take place but in absolutely unusual format: all actions were subordinated to the interactive approach. The press conference was dedicated to the first demonstration of a cinema. Solemn carrying-in of a cine-projector evoked various emotions of Indians and cowboys. ‘Is it really a cinema?’ – they were asking the ‘savvy’ journalists.

Far from the fuss of the capital guests were enjoying the variety of contests all the evening long: auction, arm-wrestling, darts, animation, saw performances of dancing troupes, relaxed in the country-disco, and became participants of the ‘star’ photo-session. Some fights and gunshots no doubt went on during the event – you have to keep on your toes when you are among real cowboys!

‘Press-tour through the Wild West’has shown that a usual press-meeting may be held in the most unexpected format, have a unique style, give various vivid impressions to participants and promote strengthening of mutual trusting relations between representatives of mass-media and top-management of DTEK.